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Born and raised in Falls Church and a current Arlington resident, Brittany Lambrechts Camacho has called Northern Virginia home since 1983.


A Summa Cum Laude graduate of Tulane University, Brittany returned to Northern Virginia soon after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and began her career in real estate.


As an award winning Sales Manager in Northern Virginia, Brittany has consistently sold over $20 Million annually. She has extensive knowledge of the local real estate market. Brittany prides herself on offering her clients exceptional service throughout the entire home buying and selling process, from beginning to post-settlement.
As a member of one of the fastest growing real estate firms in Northern Virginia, Century 21 Redwood Realty, Brittany is confident she has the knowledge and expertise to best serve your needs.

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Brittany Camacho has been rated by 70 customers


“Brittany was a real pleasure to work with - as first-time homebuyers, we were unsure about the process for buying a home but Brittany patiently held our hand from beginning to end and we found a great property with her assistance. Many thanks to Brittany for her professionalism, expertise and empathic style to real estate!”
Sarah (Reston, VA) (Buyer)
“Brittany was absolutely fantastic -- cannot recommend her highly enough or adequately express how happy we are with her service. Not only was her local knowledge and career experience a real boon to us throughout the entire process, but her responsiveness was consistently immediate. She was always there to answer our questions, large and small, and day or night ( we work long hours, so our questions frequently came at 2am -- and so did her responses!). We always got the sense that she was really fighting for us. She was always striving to get us the best deal and the best terms - a real advocate, and did a fantastic job liaising with the listing agent. Can't say enough to about how helpful she was. Also a true professional. She went above and beyond in every single category. Endlessly patient with our numerous questions, courteous, polite, insightful, and always immediately responsive. We know she has a lot of clients, but she somehow made us feel like we were the only clients she was working with -- just amazing service. We'll defintely use her again next time we buy in the area, and we're recommending her to all of our friends so that when they choose to buy, they buy with Brittany. Not only was she knowledgeable, professional, responsive, and everything else I've mentioned, she was also genuinely a pleasure to work with. Just a happy, outgoing, understanding and optimistic person that made the whole process very positive. A great person, and the best there is in the business.”
Stephanie, DC (Buyer)
“I hope I can convey in a few lines how happy I am after working with Brittany Camacho on the sale of my house. Finding an agent I could trust 100% was very important to me and a critical aspect of the process. I am an Air Force member living in California and I would not be able to physically be in Virginia to address the sale of the house. Furthermore, I would be traveling outside the US during the time of the sale. I considered several agents, but only Brittany was able to give me the peace of mind I was looking for as I began the sale process. Being able to feel I could communicate and trust Brittany with my property was very important, and I am 100% satisfied with the working relationship she developed with me. Brittany Camacho took the time to communicate with me and help me make decisions every step of the way. She was patient and took as much time as needed to address any issues that came up along the way. She was also there to support me and advise me as we got the house ready for sale. Again, since I couldn't be there physically, she helped me interface with all the different contractors and resources we needed to get the house ready. Her dedication and efforts with the Open House was pivotal to landing an offer within 3 days of listing the house. It is thanks to her patience, support and involvement in addressing all aspects of the sale that we successfully closed on the sale of the house. She communicated extensively and was there for me as we addressed all the contract negotiations. She expertly oversaw every aspect of the closing and tracked every transaction and document with all the parties involved, working closely with me and the title company to make sure everything was on time and ready to proceed. I and 100% satisfied with my experience with Brittany Camacho. Going through the entire process with Brittany was an excellent experience! She is trustworthy, knowledgeable and completely dedicated to ensure that there is continuous communication and understanding, regardless of any challenges that came up. She was there for me and tirelessly gave of herself. I could not have done this without her and am 100% satisfied! ”
Eddy Alonso, Los Angeles, California (Seller)
“Brittany Camacho went above and beyond the call of duty from our very first messages to the very last. Even after closing she is still available to me to answer my MANY questions and had such patience with my lack of knowledge on all things real estate. She recommended my loan officer who was so helpful to me and I can not thank her enough for hooking me up with someone who essentially held my hand through this entire process. I would recommend Brittany to anyone looking to buy or sell their home simply because of her knowledge base and not to mention her friendly demeanor and her attentiveness. She was always a phone call, text message, or email away and I can not express how much that meant to me as I am a worrier and needed constant reassurance on all of the details. I was almost sad to get to closing because that means I won't get to hear from her every week. She is the hardest working person I know and it really shows! ”
Amber Shelley, Alexandria, VA (Buyer)
“Brittany is very knowledgable and professional. She listens to her clients and follows through with every detail. She really is heads and tails above other agents I have used along the way. I highly recommend her if you are looking for an agent to represent you.”
Cindy Lorton va (Seller)
“very professional and follows through on her commitments”
Denise Barnes, Arlington (Seller)
“Brittany was really wonferful at our negotiations and knowing how to provide us feedback from the sellers. I would have felt so lost in this process if it were not for Brittany guiding us after our offer was accepted. I always felt that Brittany gave clear guidance on what to expect. We could not have done this without her!”
Charlotte Buscher, Arlington, VA (Buyer)
“Can't say enough positive things about Brittany. She got my wife and I the house that we really wanted, all while being pleasant, professional, and generally fantastic to work with. As first-time homebuyers, we felt guided, protected, and well-advised. Her advice was spot-on throughout the entire process; in fact, her advice is what gave us the edge in purchasing our home. She managed to blend professionalism with a pleasant, encouraging attitude, and was incredibly responsive. There was never any pressure on us to do anything: above all, she wanted us to be comfortable with our decision. We can't imagine a better homebuying experience.”
John, Alexandria VA (Buyer)
“I wholeheartedly recommend Brittany Camacho to anyone selling their house. Brittany is a total professional who knows every aspect of the process. She was reliable, positive, and patient in all her dealings with us. We relied on her advice and recommendations for preparing our home for sale to setting an asking price. I believe it was her preparation and attention to detail that resulted in the strong interest in our home. We sold it in less than a week!”
Pat W., Vienna, VA (Seller)
“Brittany Camacho is a fantastic to work with. She listens to what you need, is diligent in every step of the process, and help to keep all parties on track through the entire process. She was always accessible and would follow up as soon as she had answers. I would recommend Brittany for any real estate needs in the area.”
Hallie Graves (Buyer)
“Brittany helped us find a house in Fairfax, VA, and represented us throughout the buying process. Now that it's all done I can honestly say that you will not find a better agent in this area. Brittany grew up in Northern Virginia and her knowledge about neighborhoods and communities is truly impressive. Being largely unfamiliar with the area it was extremely helpful for me. But even my in-laws, who've lived here for several decades, were impressed with Brittany's expertise of Fairfax county. It's truly a pleasure to go house-hunting with Brittany. Not only is it just nice to be around her and chat as you drive from house-to-house, she puts absolutely no pressure on you to "make a decision already". It truly felt if she'd be okay to be showing us house for the next year or more if that's what we needed. Luckily it didn't take us quite as long. We loved that Brittany will share her expert advice (which she has a lot of!), but she makes it very clear that this is "only" her advice and ultimately it comes down to us being comfortable with any and all decisions we make in this process. In the end, she only ever said "this might be the one" and it truly was the house for us. Once she got to know us she really looked at every house with a combination of our desires and her real estate expertise. We closed on the purchase about 2 months ago and have lived here for about a month. Not once have we had buyers remorse, not about the price, the house or the area. In fact we are happier by the day and ever more convinced that this was the house for us out of the dozens of homes we looked at. As a final note to the search process it's probably worth noting that the house we bought was in our list of "3rd string" options, so only thanks to Brittany who added a showing of this home to our tour one day are we lucky enough to have found this home! If finding a house with Brittany was amazing, the purchase-process is no less perfect. Considering that this is a generally a stressful process (and it was for us when we waited for the sellers to accept our offer), it speaks volumes that we felt very comfortable throughout the whole process. Brittany is a tough but fair negotiator. We are 100% certain that she got us the best deal, from initial offer all the way to remediation required after the home inspection. Yet, she is not ruthless or "without a conscience" like you might expect from a top real estate agent. Throughout the process we wanted this to be fair for both sides involved as I don't believe in unfairly taking advantage of others in any business dealing. This is exactly how it worked and Brittany's advice and handling of the process where outright impressive. Lastly, being from out-of-town Brittany helped us select the title company and a home inspector, both of which highly impressed me with the work they did. In short, if you're looking for a home in Northern Virginia, we highly recommend working with Brittany. We are now in the process of selling our home in Nevada and I wish we had somebody even remotely as good as Brittany over there.”
Hans & Lenka Luther, Fairfax, VA (Buyer)
“Brittany was fantastic to work with, quick on her feet, understood what I wanted and delivered excellently. I would highly recommend her to anyone, especially in the Arlington and Alexandria markets. She knew her stuff.”
Sal DiCuffa (Seller)
“Brittany is the absolute best. We loved our experience with her in our first real estate transaction and will never choose another agent again. Brittany sets the bar in terms of superb customer service. She is open, responsive, EXTREMELY organized and builds a relationship with you so quickly that lets you know that you can trust her and she wants the best for you. I cannot express my appreciation or how lucky I feel to have worked with her on both of my home purchases. If there was a scale that let me choose above excellent, i would choose the option higher than that one. A-MAZ-ING.”
Rick Kinnahan, Arlington VA (Seller)
“Brittany was wonderful to work with. Purchasing a home for the first time is filled with questions and uncertainty. She was wonderful in guiding me through the process from first meeting to closing and beyond. She has been a great resource for getting settled in a new neighborhood. ”
Anna Pearson, Falls Church (Buyer)
“Brittany is possibly the best agent you can ask for. She is the first I've worked with who I felt sincerely represented my interests. She did everything she could to make the search and closing process as easy and efficient as possible. She answered my questions thoroughly and promptly, she was always on time or early to meetings, and is very knowledgeable of the real estate in Arlington. The lenders she recommended were top notch and extremely responsive and easy to work with. I highly highly recommend her. ”
Wen, Arlington (Buyer)
“My overall experience was beyond excellent. Brittany was an amazing realtor. She is highly experienced and guided us every step of the way. My husband and I kept saying that we were so lucky to have found Brittany. My mind was at ease through the entire process because Brittany made the impossible happen. Since this was our first home purchase, we had A LOT of questions and Brittany took the time to answer all of them throughout the whole process. She is phenomenal! She is so persistent, which is such a great asset. She makes sure to go above and beyond from beginning to end. She was extremely supportive till the very end. Brittany helped us buy a gorgeous home in Fairfax, which has everything we were looking for. We are extremely happy with our purchase, thanks to the best realtor ever! We HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend Brittany! =)”
Alioska Motamedi, Fairfax (Buyer)
“My wife and I had been homeowners in the past, and had what we considered to be favorable experiences. This, however, was another level altogether. First of all, Brittany's warm demeanor and professionalism was extremely comforting during a process that can often times be a stressful endeavor. Her no pressure approach was refreshing and we had the opportunity to guide the experience. She literally put us first in every capacity. We were aware that she had multiple clients and was balancing many transactions and relationships throughout, but we always felt like we were her only client. The volume of communication was catered to what we wanted and she would explain even the simplest concepts to make sure we were crystal clear on every aspect of potential and existing transactions. She knows her stuff. That was evident. I think she's had over 800 transactions so she brings a wealth of experience to the table and probably answered more of my questions before I asked them or could even think of them. Once we fell in love with our home, she fought for us. . . .not in a sleazy sales-y way, but she knew what we needed to make the dream of getting into that house a reality, and would stop at nothing to make it work. The biggest testament to her professionalism and diplomatic approach was when we came to closing, and all parties involved(the listing agent, the sellers, Brittany, my wife and I) were satisfied and happy and it was evident that if any of us needed anything moving forward we'd be well taken care of. I'd recommend her to anyone and everyone. . . .emphatically.”
RaMel Clark, Ashburn VA (Buyer)
“Having used Brittany Camacho for our first home purchase, we were confident she would look out for our best interests. From the beginning Brittany kept close tabs on the builders and mortgage companies schedules and deadlines in order for us not to miss anything. She even insisted on being present at all of our walkthroughs which made us feel more comfortable, since it was a first for my wife and I. All in all, in a unfamiliar realty world, Brittany made it easier for us and held our hand through every step. ”
Nassir Barekzi, Ashburn, Va (Buyer)
“I really enjoyed the process with Brittany. She listens to you and then gives advice that helps given her experiences. She is also very detail oriented and always makes expectations known. She keeps everyone engaged and in the loop with info. She is also very kind. I would call her first in the future and recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor. Very blessed to have met her.”
Cynthia DeWitt Lorton Va (Seller)
“Brittany is amazing! She helped us with the buying and selling of our home. Both transactions were a breeze, due to her excellence as a realtor. We were always updated on any new developments relating to the buying of our new home. She always made sure everything was proceeding smoothly, which helped relieve much of the stress. Even with our tight schedules she made time to shows us homes whenever we needed. Brittany loves her job and that is reflected in her work. Couldn't have asked for a better realtor.”
Paul Castro, From Clifton (Buyer)
“As a person who needs boundaries, I know I could never be a realtor, and definitely not one as committed as Brittany. She availed herself to us 24/7 and I think that if I had sent some kind of urgent telegram to her cruise ship when she was on her [already scheduled] vacation, she might have hopped into a life raft to come help me. Sometimes she would return my correspondence so quickly, it was as if she was typing her reply before I had even hit "send!" If she treats all her clients with the same dedication and positivity, as I know she does, then I just don't know how she does it. Magic? 5-Hour Energy every five hours? She held up her end of the bargain in every way possible and always did so with a smile. I feel like Brittany had two goals for our transaction: first and foremost, to get us the home we wanted under the best possible terms as quickly and easily as possible; and second, to change my opinion about working with realtors, which was pretty low based on my only other experience. Brittany accomplished both of these goals -- we are in the home we wanted and we are very pleased with how we got there AND my home-buying experience this time around was so positive! It was the 180 degree opposite of the last time, when I felt like it was all about the commission and nothing else. Brittany takes such pride in her work and she does it so well that I know it's not all about the commission for her. We felt like she cared about our feelings as much as the transaction outcomes -- and even if she did manage to change my outlook about real estate agents, I still think that's exceptionally unique for anyone in sales. ”
Nicole, Arlington VA (Buyer)
“Brittany was an excellent choice to help us sell our home. She was responsive, objective, honest and very professional. She made excellent recommendations that got our home off the market very fast. Brittany helped us buy this home and we could not stop raving about her customer service. It was a no brainer to contact Brittany when we were moving. Great overall experience and a wonderful human being. ”
Stephen C. (Seller)
“I really can't believe how easy and pleasant an experience it was to work with Brittany Camacho from Century 21 Redwood Realty Arlington Office. She performed above and beyond my expectations! I have already referred her to several of my friends and colleagues and if I ever purchase another home I will only work with her.”
Robert Park, Woodbridge, VA (Buyer)
“Brittany is an intelligent, talented, diligent agent I have recommended and will continue to recommend to friends and colleagues.”
James Winland, Kabul Afganistan (Seller)
“Brittany was the best real estate person I've ever worked with. She was extremely thorough. She was always double checking things, following up with listing agents, following up with the lender, basically making sure behind the scenes that everything was going smoothly. I'm very busy at work and this was particularly invaluable for me. I plan on using her to sell my condo and I would recommend her to anyone needing a realtor. ”
Rae Arduini, 7735 Inversham Drive, Falls Church, VA 22042 (Buyer)


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$690,000 | 4 Beds | 2.5 Baths
$534,000 | 3 Beds | 2 Baths
$733,000 | 4 Beds | 2/2 Baths